Instant Meal Plan Generator

This is the best I've looked since I was born lol! I dropped 12% body fat and gained 12 lbs of muscle in 5 months using

iMealid Smart Meal Program - Ray

Instant Meal Plan Generator

I was able to drop 8% of body fat in just 7 weeks without losing muscle using

iMealid Smart Meal Program - Mike

Instant Meal Plan Generator

I dropped the stubborn 18 pounds in just 2 1/2 months just in time for my wedding using

iMealid Smart Meal Program - Mary

Meal Plan Generator

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Generate meal plans with the right macros and caloric cycling

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Get some inspiration from one of 90 quick and easy healthy recipe ideas.

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How Does iMealID Work?

Not everyone is built the same! We all don’t have the same rate of burning calories so that means we all shouldn’t eat the same or follow the same generic meal plans. Every meal plan is specifically design just for you! Based off your body type we figure out which macronutrients is best for you. After you have entered your measurements, we calculate the amount of calories you burn per day, the amount you need for weight loss and what foods the best match your body type to promote weight loss without losing muscle. High thermogenic foods (foods that cost more to burn than its caloric value) are used in your diet so that means your digestive system will continuously get a workout. You will burn lots calories all day even if you don’t have time for the gym!

We use caloric cycling (zig-zag diet) for maximizing fat loss steadily, quickly and safely. It’s just like the gym, if you do the same workout, your body will adapt and plateau. It is the same concept when it comes to dieting and the best thing is, you don’t lose muscle mass!

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